Is circumcision surgery recommended as solution to tight foreskin?

The foreskin can usually be pulled over the head of the penis, or the glans. However, in some cases the foreskin may become too tight and may have difficulty in being retracted. This condition is called phimosis or tight foreskin.

For most young boys the phimosis will resolve before adulthood, but for some this condition will last into their adulthood. Although there aren’t serious health conditions or dangers relating to phimosis, it can result in pain, swelling, discomfort during intercourse, a greater risk of infections and difficulty urinating.

Causes of phimosis

Your age will often determine the cause of your phimosis. In young boys, a tight foreskin is considered to be congenital, which means it is something they were born with. The foreskin usually becomes more pliable with age and most times it has completely resolved by the age of 7.

However, if a boy is circumcised then the tight foreskin is not possible.

In adults the phimosis is often due to other causes such as inflammation, infection, or scarring from an underlying condition such as eczema or psoriasis. You may have recurrent infections or continued discomfort if the foreskin remains too tight.

Treatment for tight foreskin

There are treatment options for phimosis, or tight foreskin, depending on the cause of the problem. Treatments include antibiotics, topical creams and cortisone creams, exercises to stretch and clean the foreskin and underneath it, as well as circumcision.

Circumcision is an option at any age. Phimosis or tight foreskin is not possible if a circumcision has been done. Circumcision surgery which involves the removal of some or all parts of the foreskin also results in better hygiene around the head of the penis and a decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Your best option is to discuss your concerns and your tight foreskin with an experienced health professional at a reputable hospital. They will be able to guide you towards the best treatment for yourself.

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