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Phimosis treatment and surgery in Bangalore India

Phimosis treatment and surgery in Bangalore India

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled over the head of the penis or glans. This is a normal condition in children and it is natural for the foreskin to start separating from the glans between the age of two and six.

However, this process is gradual and it may sometimes take longer to be fully complete. At times, the foreskin fails to separate fully from the head of the penis and this leads to Phimosis. Phimosis treatment in Bangalore is easy, quick and hassle free.

Phimosis normally leads to balanitis. When one has got phimosis they would normally experience pain on the head of the penis during and after sex. This pain may be accompanied by swelling of the glans and a lot of discomfort.

However, phimosis treatment in India is quite simple and straight forward. We carry out clean and healthy circumcision surgery in Bangalore which is an immediate cure to Phimosis.

American Hospital Bangalore has invested in high quality and modern equipment to ensure that all operation procedures are done quickly and smoothly. We are very experienced and efficient and it will take less than 30 minutes for the entire operation procedure. You don’t need to be admitted in the hospital and will be discharged on the same day.

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