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Circumcision Procedure For Adults


Circumcision for adults is also fairly simple and fast. The doctors at American Hospital Bangalore have the relevant experience and expertise to do a perfect job. For adults, a dorsal slit is made and then it is followed by a support stitch at the base of the frenulum.

A dorsal slit is a cutting from the top of the skin and going downwards towards the corona which is the rounded border at the base of the glans. This allows for the foreskin to be held away from the glans and allowing it to be carefully cut away. The remaining skin is sutured on the glans and the process will be over in less than thirty minutes.

During the entire above process the patient will be under anaesthesia and there is guarantee that there will be no pain felt. The patient will then be discharged after the procedure and you won’t have to spend a night in the hospital.

Before leaving the hospital, the newly circumcised penis will be bandaged to protect it from infections and interference. It will take about four to eight days for the penis to completely heal and be safe. Patients are advised to avoid sexual activities for a short period of time so as to ensure that the penis is completely healed.

Circumcision surgery for adults in Bangalore is easy, safe and convenient. American Hospital Bangalore has a dedicated team of highly qualified doctors who have got all it takes to do a good job. We have also invested in state of the art machines and all our surgeries and treatments are world class.

We also follow up on the progress of our patients to make sure that everything goes on well as expected. Call us today to speak to our doctors directly and book an appointment for circumcision in Bangalore.

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