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Circumcision Procedure For Children


Circumcision for newborns is a fairly simple and fast procedure. Unlike common belief, it is completely painless and children heal much faster than grownups. A child would heal in three to seven days while an adult may take more than a week. The procedure used for circumcising children is also quite different and simple as compared to that used for circumcising adults.

For the infant circumcision procedure, the baby is placed on a bed to lie on his back and strapped in order to prevent movement. Then the doctors will apply topical anesthetic on the penis or inject numbing agents at the base of the penis so as to prevent any pain. This way the baby wouldn’t feel any pain during the whole procedure.

Once the anesthesia or numbing agents applied and taken effect, the doctor will choose which method of circumcision to use. There are different specialized devices which can be used for this procedure and these include: the Gomco Clamp which is the most common and easiest to use, the Mogen Clamp or the Plastibell device.

Different doctors will have different preferences depending on which device and method that they feel they are most comfortable with. However, the underlying point is that all these devices almost work in the same and achieve the same end results.

These circumcision devices basically separate the glans from the foreskin then crush or cut the foreskin from the penis. The Gomco Clamp works immediately with the foreskin falling off immediately while the Plastibell remains attached to the foreskin for a few days; about three to four days before falling off.

Circumcision surgery in Bangalore is quick and effective and our doctors prefer the Gomco Clamp which is fast and efficient. After the surgery, the penis of the infant will be bandaged with gauze or petroleum jelly and kept very clean, preventing any fecal matter from the baby’s diaper coming into contact with the newly circumcised penis and cause infection.

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