Two important steps to recovery after surgery for phimosis

Circumcision surgery for phimosis (referred to in this post simply as ‘phimosis surgery’) may be recommended when the foreskin is pulled too tight over the head of the penis or glans.  A simple surgery is required to circumcise and relieve pressure in the area.

Phimosis surgery healing time

After surgery for phimosis, it takes at least 10 to 12 days to heal.  Your full recovery can take 2 to 4 weeks, but the procedure is a day surgery/outpatient procedure.  Depending upon the type of work involved, it is possible to return to work the following day as long as you avoid strenuous physical activity, wear comfortable clothes and follow the steps provided by your experienced health care professional to guide you with each step of your recovery.

Many adults return to work the next day after surgery and you will not need to take off from work unless necessary.  Initially after surgery you will experience some bruising and swelling around the surgery area, and this is normal.

Phimosis surgery steps for recovery

Your doctor at American Hospital Bangalore will give you clear directions based on your specific situation after your surgery to ensure that your recovery is quick and with no complications.

Two of the most important general steps for your safe, healthy and quick recovery after surgery are:

  1. Wound care

In the first few days after your operation it is very important that your dressings over your surgery site stay clean and dry.  This will help to reduce the risk of infection in the wound.  You may go to your doctor’s office for a checkup and they may take off or change the dressings after a few days.

It is also important to wear comfortable but supportive underwear initially after the surgery, as this will help to hold the head of the penis upwards towards the belly button – and this can help to decrease swelling around the wound site.

  1. Return to activity

Your doctor will give you specific guidance about return to work, return to sport and return to sexual activities.  Your doctor and medical team is experienced with after surgery recovery care and will take the time to guide you back to your normal life in a safe, healthy and expedited manner.

The doctor may recommend that you avoid sexual activity for about 4 weeks after phimosis surgery.  You will also be asked to refrain from any strenuous physical activities, sports, swimming, exercise, as well as lifting of heavy objects till at least about 4 weeks.  Resuming a desk job is usually okay from the day after the surgery since it does not involve physical activity that can potentially hamper or delay the healing process.

It is important that you follow your specific timelines as provided to you by the doctor after the operation based on your specific circumstances, as it will ensure that you have the best recovery possible.  At American Hospital Bangalore your doctors are experienced with ‘phimosis surgeries’ (circumcision surgery for phimosis) and their recovery times, so they will give you the best step by step advice and instructions to follow to help you on your road to recovery.

American Hospital located in Bangalore India has experienced and caring health professionals who are highly skilled and practiced at phimosis surgery.  Your recovery after phimosis surgery in Bangalore India will be safer and quicker if you have your surgery at a safe, clean and reputable hospital with an experienced medical team.

Phimosis surgery is important with regard to your long term health and well-being and, if done at a reputable and experienced hospital like American Hospital Bangalore, your phimosis surgery recovery in Bangalore is quick, healthy and seamless.