ZSR Circumcision Vs Other Procedures in Bangalore

While circumcision itself is the surgical removal of the foreskin, which is the covering of the tip of the penis, there are different methods of performing a circumcision surgery procedure.  You can use a surgical stapler – known as the Zsr circumcision – or you can use a method which cuts off the circulation to the foreskin, and then the doctor will cut the foreskin.

The procedure for the ZSR or stapler circumcision is to use a device known as a “surgical stapler”.  It is a device that was developed in China but is now used world-wide, including in Bangalore.  It consists of an inner bell and an outer bell.  The inner bell is designed to protect the penis head, and the outer bell has a blade that cuts the foreskin and then staples the wound closed simultaneously.

The advantages of the Zsr circumcision procedure are that it is even quicker than the usual fast circumcision surgery; there is less blood loss than some of the other methods of circumcision and the healing time is improved by two to three days.

The only disadvantage is that the staples need to be removed after surgery.  But if you have good follow up care, regardless of your type of circumcision surgery, you will need to see your surgeon anyway.  If your surgeon is experienced, the staple removal is very quick and painless.

Other circumcision procedures

Other methods of circumcision are also quick and are painless if performed by an experienced health professional. There are 3 main different types of this type of circumcision – they all involve cutting off the circulation from the foreskin using a special clamp or ring, and then cutting the foreskin.

Afterwards the penis is usually covered with an ointment such as an antibiotic or petroleum jelly and then wrapped in gauze to protect the surgical site.

Choose your experienced doctor

Your circumcision surgeon and his team need to be experienced and caring health professionals who are very skilled with circumcision surgeries and their recovery times. They should be able to assess you and discuss with you which option of circumcision surgery they feel is best for you and your specific situation.

You also need to have exceptional after care to ensure you have a faster healing time after your circumcision operation.   If you are considering a safe high quality circumcision surgery in Bangalore, the most important factor is to have your Bangalore circumcision surgery procedure at a safe, clean and reputable hospital specialized in circumcision surgery and that conducts procedures in accordance with the methods and guidelines recommended by The WHO (World Health Organization), as this will ensure a safer and quicker recovery from your circumcision surgery and the best option of surgery for you.